Friends of Old Woodstock


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What is the population of Old Woodstock?
We don't know.  What we do know is that there are 262 houses.  A development site of 150 homes will therefore increase the population by a little over 50%.

How many vehicles are there on the A44 Manor Road?
Approx. 11,000 vehicles per day, of which about 10% are hgvs.  The A44 is a primary route road which means that its status is only second the that of a Trunk Road (such as the A40)

How much money will there be from the Section 106 Planning Agreement?
Well, surprise, surprise, it depends!  But to give you a rough idea this is the S106 settlement for the 300 homes presently being built by Blenheim south of the town opposite Bladon Chains.
Bus provision            £41,000
Bus revenue funding    £300,000
Multi Use Games Area    £200,000
Primary School            £1,600,000
Secondary School        £1,200,000
Roads and transport    £160,000
Police                        £50,000
Sport                        £320,000
Public Art                    £200 per house (£60,000 ??)
The Hill Rise development will be for 120 homes so a probable ball park figure for S106 funding might be about £1.5 million.  But we should argue the case for a higher contribution for roads and transport given the particular issue that the Hill Rise development will face in respect of the A44