Friends of Old Woodstock

Recreation and Play Areas

Our children's play area and mini football pitch is a valued local facility.  It's about the only facility Old Woodstock has! Its protection is important.





The new table and seating at the Old Woodstock Play Area provided by the Town Council following the loss from wear and tear and old age of the previous table and seats.

WODC Local Plan states:-
POLICY EH5: Sport, recreation and children’s play New development should not result in the loss of open space, sports and recreational buildings and land unless up to date assessment shows the asset is surplus to requirements or the need for and benefits of the alternative land use clearly outweigh the loss and equivalent replacement provision is made. Where appropriate, development will be expected to provide or contribute towards the provision of necessary improvements to open space, sports and recreational buildings and land*. * Regard will be had to the Open Space Study (2013) and Playing Pitch Strategy (2014) for West Oxfordshire.