Friends of Old Woodstock


At its meeting on Tuesday 11th June Woodstock Town Council resolved in relation to the traffic hazards for pedestrians and cyclists on the A44 as follows:-

The Council notes the papers [my report (click here) and a more general paper from Peter Jay copy unavailable], agrees that the stated danger is real and present, and asks its representatives to pursue urgent discussions with Blenheim and the highways authority about mitigating measures to be implemented as a matter of high priority.

The motion was proposed by Cllr Peter Jay and was approved unanimously.

As a result, the following letter was sent by the Town Council to Oxfordshire County Council

Traffic on Manor Road is intense and extrememly intimidating for pedestrians and cyclists ........ more to follow ................ and it isn't just the main road .................. it's the Barn Piece estate and Vermont Drive in particular  .......

Read the Road Safety Audit for Woodstock Primary School - Old Woodstock Parents Group conducted in 2010 and updated February 2019

Read also, Colin Carritt's report to Woodstock Town Council planned for Tuesday 11th June 2019

Possible Alternative Pedestrian and Cycle Routes to Schools and Town Centre as suggested to Community First Oxfordshire

The Footpath/Cycleway might be formal as on the left below or less formal as shown on the right below









A typical bridge design for the River Glyme might look like this:-